Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay System Frequently asked questions

What is the Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay System?
The Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay system provides a permanent and cost effective solution for cracked, worn, or leaking bathtub and shower floors. Instead of replacing the entire unit, which is extremely expensive, messy, and time-consuming, we’ve created a better option for permanent bath & shower floor repair. The Nu-Life Bathtub & Shower Inlay Kit is a computer-designed, custom manufactured laminate made from an innovative, non-slip material that permanently adheres to the bottom of the bathtub or shower floor. Our inlays come with a lifetime guarantee and will never crack, wear out, or delaminate from the bathtub floor.
It’s a one and done fix every time. How does it work?
Each Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay Kit includes a custom-made bathtub liner designed to
fit the dimensions and shape of the bathtub or shower floor. It is installed with a special two-step adhesive, which creates a heat fusion reaction to permanently bond it to the bottom of the bathtub floor. Where other glues and adhesives are limited in their ability to hold under constant pressure and stress, our unique adhesive causes a chemical process that allows the inlay and the bathtub or shower floor to fuse together and become one surface. It’s a permanent solution that provides 3x the strength of the original bath and shower floor. Why should I choose the Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay system?
Once a bath or shower floor becomes cracked, stained, or worn out, there really aren’t any permanent or affordable repair options except for replacing the entire unit. The average cost to replace a bathtub or shower can be thousands of dollars, and it’s intrusive, messy, and time-consuming. Why would you go through all that hassle, especially when it’s only the small area of the tub or shower floor that needs to be fixed? We decided to solve this problem by creating the Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay system.
At a fraction of the cost, our easy-to-install bathtub & shower inlay kits are designed and manufactured on the spot for fast turnaround time to your door. Once the inlay is installed (1-2 hr. job) the bathtub or shower can be used again in 24 hours. This is a cost-effective, permanent & high-quality fix that makes the bathtub stronger and safer with its built-in, non-slip surface. How is the Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay Kit different from other inlay products on the market?
Our product has been on the market for over twenty years and is the only commercial-grade quality inlay kit that exists. Other inlay kits are typically made for residential use and lack the quality needed to permanently fix the structural issues of a tub or shower crack. They are essentially a band-aid that will come undone after so many uses.

The Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay kit is not a temporary fix- it is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the bath or shower. Our specially-formulated adhesive was designed by a chemist to permanently fuse the inlay to the surface it is being applied to, so you never have to worry about the structural integrity of your bath and shower. This is the real deal!

What colors do the Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay Kits come in?
Our bath & shower inlays can be manufactured in China White and American Standard Bone. If your bathtub is a different color, you can contact your local refinisher to respray or resurface the inlay to match your existing decor after it is installed. What sizes do the Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay Kits come in?
Each Nu-Life bathtub & shower inlay is specially designed with our cutting-edge computer program to precisely suit the dimensions of your bathtub or shower floor. We take pride in our ability to do custom work from your measurements, pattern, or bathtub make/model for the best fit every time. Does this product have other uses besides bath & shower repairs?
Absolutely! We have had many customers use our inlays to fix fiberglass / acrylic pool steps. Since we custom-design each order, we can ensure a seamless fit according to your measurements. Plus, with the non-slip surface that coats each inlay, entering and exiting the pool will be much safer than it was before. I’m a professional refinisher. How do I learn more?
Nu-Life Bath & Shower Inlay Kits can help you service your customers more efficiently than ever with bathtub & shower floor repairs. This one-and-done permanent fix will guarantee you won’t get called back to jobs.
Please feel free to contact us at 772-934-6618 or [email protected] for more information about wholesale options.

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