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Repair Bathtubs and Showers Permanently With Our Inlays

Nu-Bath Inc. provides you with the Nu-Life Inlay System®—the lasting solution to cracked fiberglass tubs and showers. Our product uses an adhesive that creates an exothermic reaction, which permanently bonds the inlay to the bottom of the tub or shower. It does not wear out or delaminate from the surface you applied it to. Best of all, it is guaranteed to stay permanently adhered to the bottom of the shower due to a process known as fusion.

The Nu-Life Inlay System® Advantage

Our computer-designed inlays will cover the entire bottom of your shower or tub. We use every resource available to ensure that each custom inlay is tailored to your specifications.

Our Inlay Design

Over 20 years now we have cataloged over 140,000 tub and shower inlays from manufactures like Lasco, Kohler, Aquaglass, Maax, Sterling, Aquatic, CoralGlass and many others. We have designed more than 900 unique patterns for these brands and can design any shape or style you have. Let us solve your problem.